Price-conscious all-inclusive package featuring premium quality.

The Perfect-Line models give you an all-inclusive package that preserves the value of your home.
Unlike the front doors in the Basic-Line range, they already contain the most important features:

  • Choose your favourite from among more than 100 RAL colours and a wide range of
    metallic and fine structure colours.
  • All of the models in this range are standard finished with a continuous leaf-concealing
    door panel on the outside
    to create a smooth, elegant appearance
  • All glazing is triple, low emissivity glass with warm edge. Best possible energy efficiency
    for enhanced comfort and cosiness
  • High-quality design glazing with 3-D appearance, lead glazing and crystal glass stones add
    that special touch to your door that sets you apart from others.
  • Easy-care surfaces thanks to flush, completely flat stainless steel frames or strips. So
    while cleaning still may not be fun, it is at least much easier and more enjoyable.
  • The matching design inside and out allows you to use the design of your front door to
    accentuate your living area. The start to a lovely home.
  • Special manufacturing details, such as pilaster, glass or stainless steel strips, combined
    with colour make your front door a unique one of a kind.
  • Why not try something new and discover our decorative natural stone applications or
    ornamental frames featuring stainless steel or thermo beech.

Other options are available on top of the features contained in your all-inclusive package, such as
door panels that conceal the leaves on both sides, individualized safety features, or partial wood
decor. The individual options are listed in the tables on the pages showcasing the respective models.